timber floor sydney

Timber Floor Sydney – A Natural Sustainable Resource

Timber Floor Sydney – A Natural Sustainable Resource


Timber Floor Sydney

Generally, most other floor coverings have a bad effect on nature. On the other hand, timber flooring is a naturally sustainable source. Majority of wood being used originated from selected places, and we’re really thankful that the days of cutting down timber with almost no regard to Australian forests have long since passed.

Going for one of our hygienic floors will mean lesser time for maintenance. These floors attract very minimal dust, making it an easy process to keep them looking great. Moreover, this can be a great choice for people who have allergies.


Floating Timber Floor Sydney  

Recently, floating timber floors have grown significantly popular. One of the many benefits that people like best is that you may choose to install them on top of existing flooring. This will help to minimize preparation costs. The “floating” term used denotes an installation method that’s utilized. To put it in simpler words, floating timber floors don’t need glue or nails to be installed to the sub-floor that they sit on. What they requirement only is that the new floating floors are placed on a flat, solid surface.

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