Timber Floor Sydney

Advantages of Hardwood Floors

Why Consider Timber Floor Sydney

Several generations ago almost all floors were timber, because that was almost the only option. This changed as carpets and tiles and vinyl became available, or more affordable. Yet even with all the options many people prefer good timber over anything else. So why do people like hardwood timber floors?

Advantages of Timber Floor Sydney

  • Variety – Timber comes in many varieties, as there are many species of tree. These all look different, both in colour and grain pattern. These is often also some choice is grade quality, with high grade having even patterns and no knots, low grade having less pleasing grain patterns. We can add to this by staining the timber a darker colour, or lightening it with a lime wash.
  • Easy cleaning – Timber can be swept clean or vacuumed very quickly. Occasionally we might apply a damp mop, but cleaning won’t take much of your time.
  • No allergens – There is virtually no place for dust or pollen to hide, so allergens are almost non-existent with a clean timber floor.
  • Cool in Summer – The timber is cool underfoot, and help air circulate with only the lightest of breeze.
  • It is easy to make temporary additions, like a rug in winter for warmth.
  • Well chosen timber looks luxurious. If it matches the room décor it will look great.
  • Timber lasts for decades.
  • Solid hardwood Timber can be re-sanded to removed superficial damage. This can be repeated times.
  • Almost any type of timber flooring adds value to a property.

Disadvantages of Timber Floor Sydney

  • Hardwood timber is initially expensive to buy, but in the long term is it cost effective because it lasts so long.
  • We need to use coasters or rugs under furniture to prevent scratching on timber.
  • Shoes will cause a lot of noise on a hard floor, and perhaps scratching. But if we remove shoes the problem is quite minor.
  • Extreme temperatures and humidity will cause the floor to be uneven, though this is rare unless we live in tropical or snowy conditions. In moderate weather the floor will be stable for decades.

Timber Floor Sydney

Timber floors are a sound investment that will add value to a home. They last for decades with minimal maintenance.


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