Timber Floors Sydney

Advantages of Timber Floors

Advantages of Timber Floors Sydney

Timber floors have remained popular for generations. This is because of many advantages they hold, and the various colour décor options available.

DurabilityTimber floors continued to be used, and often remain in older homes, because they are so durable. They will support fairly heavy furniture, resist most wear and tear, and endure reasonable temperatures and humidity. And even if they do suffer superficial damage, it will not affect their reliability.

Re-sanding – If the timber is reasonably thick it can be re-sanded to give a completely fresh, new surface. This literally looks like new. And the floor can them be stained or finished in a new colour, or in the same manner as before.

It is common to have timber floors re-sanded every ten years or so. This removes scratches and superficial damage. Even when the floor is re-sanded every ten years it will still comfortably last for a century.


Look of Timber Floors Sydney

Prestige Appearance – While some other floor materials look cheap good timber, even decent timber, looks organic and luxurious. It is no coincidence that some other flooring materials mimic the appearance of timber. The only other material comparable to timber is quality stonework.

Colours and Finishes – Different types of timber will have different grain patterns. There are further variations with different grades of timber. Each of these different pattern variations might suit a different décor. The colour of the timber can be greatly changed with wood stain. It is easy to make a timber darker with a stain. It can also be made lighter with lime washing. Or left its natural colour with clear polyurethane.

Easy to Clean – Timber floors can be swept clean or vacuumed with a soft brush attachment. This is quick and easy, because there are no places for duct and grime to hide, no fibres to trap dirt, very minimal chance of staining.


Living with Timber Floors Sydney

Healthy And allergen free – Because there is no place for dust, pollen or other allergens to get trapped the timber floor is very unlikely to cause any asthma or allergies.

Good Acoustic – There is a pleasant ambience with timber. It will not absorb sound like soft floors. And if you prefer to soften the sound, you can simply add rugs and heavy curtains.

Winter warmth – Timber will be very good in all weather – cooler in summer, moderately warm in winter. But if you do find it a little cold, just add a rug.

Timber is a selling point for your home, literally adding value. And as they never need replacing (short of fire or flood) they are a great long-term investment.


Timber Floors Sydney

Timber floors in the home look great and last for decades. They are a great long-term investment for your home.


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