Bamboo Myths

Bamboo Flooring Sydney

Bamboo is one of the popular modern flooring materials. It has a major advantage of many other modern materials in being quite natural. In fact, bamboo is perhaps the most environmentally friendly flooring material.

Bamboo has another advantage in being quite variable. Natural looking bamboo is quite austere and attractive, but it can also be coloured to look like almost any classic hardwood. And at a moderate cost.

But a few myths meant that some people were wary of bamboo flooring.

The floor is soft

Old fashioned bamboo was soft. But modern floors are strand woven and compressed to make the harder.
The age of the bamboo is also important. Six to seven year old bamboo is stronger than five year old bamboo.

Bamboo will scratch easily.

This is probably the source of the ‘soft bamboo’ myth. The surface of bamboo flooring would show scratches if the top finish was poor quality. But this is true of any floor with poor top finish.

Bamboo can be given a top finish that is as durable as hardwood. But we still recommend using coaster under furniture and removing shoes in the house.

Bamboo is unstable.

Bamboo is as stable as hardwood. Its stability increases as it ages and dries out.

Bamboo being installed over concrete.

Bamboo can be installed over concrete as long as a moisture / vapour barrier is used beneath.

Bamboo contains formaldehyde

Formaldehyde is a gas that is toxic in high concentrations, causing allergies and tiredness. It is found in many building materials and home products, including many carpets. Over time is dissipates and becomes less of a concern.

Formaldehyde is used in the manufacture of bamboo flooring, but is usually not present in the final product. Look for a ‘low VOC’ (low volatile chemical) label.

Houseplants and air filters will reduce the amount of formaldehyde in the home.

Bamboo and Floating Timber Floors Sydney

Bamboo is ideal for many floors. This includes floating floors.

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