timber floor sydney

Timber Floor Sydney – A Natural Sustainable Resource

Timber Floor Sydney – A Natural Sustainable Resource   Timber Floor Sydney Generally, most other floor coverings have a bad effect on nature. On the other hand, timber flooring is a naturally sustainable source. Majority of wood being used originated from selected places, and we’re really thankful that the days of cutting down timber with […]

Timber floor Sydney

Timber Floor Sydney

Timber floor Sydney  A Natural Sustainable Resource Most other floor coverings take a toll on nature. However timber flooring comes from a naturally sustainable source. The majority of wood used comes from carefully selected locations and thankfully the days of timber being cut down with little concern about Australian forests have long since passed. Choosing […]

Vinyl Plank Flooring Sydney

Vinyl Plank Flooring Sydney

Would you want to chat about vinyl plank flooring Sydney? Hana Timber was established in Sydney to offer the flooring industry and the market with a competitive range of products, adding value to homes across the state of NSW.   This high standard of service and ongoing commitment to our customers means that Hana is the […]

Bamboo flooring Sydney

Modern Bamboo Flooring Sydney

Modern Bamboo Flooring Sydney Bamboo flooring Sydney Bamboo is usually chosen for one of three reasons: It is environmentally friendly Many people like the look of bamboo, which can even be processed to look like hardwood. It is fairly low cost. In environmental terms bamboo is good for several reasons. It is fast growing, taking […]

Hardwood Timber floors

Why Choose Timber Floors?

Why Choose Timber Floors? Timber floor Sydney Solid timber floorings are one of the oldest building options. But they remain popular for many reasons. Part of this is because people like the look of natural woodgrain, which can be enhanced with many different finishes. Another is that hardwood lasts for decades with minimal maintenance. Some […]

Painting Timber FLoors

Painting Timber Floors

Painting Timber Most people who like wooden floors and trim do so because of the look of the woodgrain. This can be stained to given an attractive light or dark colour. But sometimes people prefer painting timber. This can produce good results, though it is best used on the cheaper types of wood. It is […]

Timber Floor Sydney

Occasional Mould On Floors   Timber Floor Sydney If we keep our hardwood floors under reasonable conditions, moderate humidity and temperatures, and if we do not subject them to abrasion, then there will be few problems, and they will last for years. But occasionally faulty plumbing or ground moisture will cause mould to grow on […]


Baseboards and the Timber Floor Sydney The baseboard covers the corner edge where the floor meets the wall. They are there partly for aesthetic reasons, to hide joint between the wall and floor surfaces. But they are also there to protect the lower wall, which can easily be damaged by shoes or vacuuming. A base […]

Vinyl Floor – For and Against

Vinyl flooring is a fairly economical choice for flooring, yet it lasts fairly well. And if it is properly installed and looked after with some basic precautions it will prove a good flooring choice for many situations, free from issues with expansion and humidity. Stains and Sun Damage Any type of flooring can be stained. […]

Bamboo Myths

Bamboo Flooring Sydney Bamboo is one of the popular modern flooring materials. It has a major advantage of many other modern materials in being quite natural. In fact, bamboo is perhaps the most environmentally friendly flooring material. Bamboo has another advantage in being quite variable. Natural looking bamboo is quite austere and attractive, but it […]

Outdoor Porches

Porch Timber Floor Sydney Outdoor living areas like porches add usable space to your home. And they can be an advantage in many weather conditions. If the porch is covered with a roof then the area is usable in the rain, so you can spend some time outdoors. And it is useable in the summer […]

Natural Timber Natural Environment

It is a mistake to think that the environment will always be compromised if we use trees for building material. It is actually possible to use timber in ways the benefit the environment. And natural materials like timber and bamboo will, even under the worst circumstances, still cause less harm than the mining and processing […]