Rest 0f the Room

Timber Floors Sydney Timber is a great choice of almost any flooring in the home. Except for bathrooms and other ‘wet areas’ good timber will work almost anywhere, even in Kitchens. But the flooring is only part of the room, the rest of the surroundings are also an important part of the décor. And we […]

Fixing Issues with Bamboo Flooring

Flooring is an investment for your Home. Even if you do not have immediate plans to sell the home you should consider the flooring an investment for yourself. You will be using this floor for many years to come; choose a reliable flooring option that make you comfortable. Bamboo flooring is prone to moisture and […]

Bamboo Floor

Bamboo Flooring Timber Bamboo flooring has been growing in popularity over the last generation, rivalling other flooring options like particle boards and hardwood. Bamboo has the advantage that it can be processed to look like many other materials. It can look like many different natural timbers, stained to unusual colours, or made to look like […]

Colder Weather Style – Timber Flooring Sydney

In many ways wooden floors provide the most flexible options for decoration. It is reasonably easy to add rugs and heavier curtains in the colder months to provide a cosier room; and it is easier to change this for summer. These measure are less effective with tiles and other options. Colder Winter Timber Flooring Sydney […]

Floor Designs

Timber can look good in many different finishes. And just about anything except raw wood can last for decades. But there are sometime variations beyond plain wood that work well for some situations.   Painted on designs. You floor can look like it has a carpet rug, only it’s a painted on design. This works […]

Things to Consider With Wooden Floors

Effective decorating always entails coherence; the various pieces must fit together in a way that makes sense. Of course there is infinite possible variation here; items can match, clash or complement each other. As the floor is one of the most permanent parts of a building is should be chosen with the future décor in […]

Cleaning Hardwood Floors

  When cleaned on a regular basis a hardwood floor will last for decades with little additional maintenance.   A Mop Purchase a good floor mop. There are special hardwood mops available. These have flat heads and washable/replaceable pads. If you have large open spaces it helps to have a larger mop. A small mop […]

Maintaining Floor Humidity

  Timber should be well prepared when purchased and installed for flooring. This includes proper drying, so that the individual planks are straight. But homes are exposed to moisture over time, and because of this wooden flooring can suffer at least some warping.   Ideally humidity should be between 35% and 55%. Above this level […]

Timber Moisture

All timber will contain some moisture. When initially cut the green timber will have a higher moisture content. Over time this moisture partially evaporates, till it balances with the surrounding environment. Moisture content of wood should stay as stable as the environment, usually the surrounding air, irrespective of whether the timber is 10 or 100 […]

Looking at a Hardwood Floor

Australia is lucky to have many quality hardwoods available. As locals we can buy these at a reasonable price as there is minimal transportation cost. These hardwoods have the advantage of being extremely durable – they will last for decades.   Hardness As almost any Australian timber is well above average hardness there is little […]


If you install Wooden or Bamboo floors should choose the colours carefully. The floor is fairly permanent, and the rest of the room décor should be chosen to compliment it. If you have a décor in mind before install the floor then the floor colour should be chose to suit the décor. If the floor […]

Decorating Wooden Floors

If you have spent money on some good quality flooring you probably want to decorate your room accordingly. Even if you have the cheapest flooring option available you can still achieve very respectable results with some good advice and creative thinking.   Light wooden floors can be quite contemporary looking. They often go well with […]