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Floating Timber Floors Sydney

Why Consider Floating Floors?

Floating Timber Floor Sydney Floating floors allow you to add a layer of timber flooring above your existing floor. This can be done with any permanent alteration of the room. And it offers several advantages. Advantages of Floating Timber Floor Sydney –  Floating floors provide a fair amount of sound isolation, so people downstairs and […]

Timber Floor Sydney

Why Timber For Floors?

Timber Floor Sydney Timber floors have stayed a popular choice for centuries. Other types of floor have come and gone. And many modern synthetic materials have been developed and become popular in their own right. But natural wooden floors are still regarded as a prestige option for several reasons. Apperance Natural timber has woodgrain that […]

vinyl plank flooring sydney solid timber floor sydney

Comparing Different Flooring Options

Synthetic and Timber Floors Sydney There are many options for floor materials in the home and office. All have their respective advantages. Solid Timber Floors Sydney Nothing else quite provides the appeal and warmth of solid timber flooring. This natural timber is organic, with a natural look and texture that feels great, and give a […]

Timber Floor Sydney

Wood Floors and Water Damage

Timber Floor Sydney Water flooding is one of the few things that will damage almost any floor. But if we act early, remove the water, and dry the floor material we can minimize this damage. If the floors are timber we can often use re-sanding and polishing for a complete restoration. Types of Flood damage: […]

Timber Floor Sydney prefinished solid timber

Using Engineered Timber for Floors

Engineered Timber Floor Sydney True Hardwood is the prestige flooring option, but it is expensive, and requires considerable skill to install. A viable alternative is engineered timber flooring. This can have the appearance of good quality hardwood, and it is moderately easy for the average home DIYer to installer because it is pre-cut to easily […]

Timber Floor Sydney

Choosing Timber Floors Sydney

Timber Floor Sydney Hardwood Floors are amid the best flooring choices for your home or office. They provide character and appeal, are extremely long lasting. They are also easy to maintain with simple sweeping. Some additional advantages of timber flooring is the low allergen risk, because they do not hold onto pollen, mites or dust. […]

Timber Floor Sydney

How to Make Timber Look Attractive.

Timber Floor Sydney Timber is almost always treated in some ways before it is used. About the only exception to this is rustic decor, where timber is left raw. More often timber will be give a protective coating (finish) that also enhances the appearance, or perhaps a different type of finish that also changes the […]

Laminate and Timber Floor Sydney

What is Laminate Flooring?

Alternative to Timber Floor Sydney Timber is popular for many reasons, including its wood-grain appearance and durability. Alternatives to timber often copy this wood-grain appearance, or provide something similar like the look of stone. This appearance remains popular. People like wood-grain or stone because it is the right mixture of randomness and order. A pattern […]

Prefinished solid timber

What to Look for In Prefinished Solid Timber Floor?

What Is Important with Prefinished Solid Timber Floor? We can look at different timber floors and find we like the look of one timber more than another. This is at least partly subjective. There are also objective differences between different timbers, and these differences affect both the appearance of the floor and the durability. The […]

Vinyl Plank Flooring Sydney

Why is Vinyl Plank Flooring Popular?

Vinyl flooring is a composite material. It consists of several horizontal layers combined to form a highly durable floor covering. The surface level is styled to look like timber or occasionally stone. Vinyl flooring is popular because it is soft and warm under the feet, certainly softer than tiles or timber, and it is easy […]

Timber Floor Sydney

What can Timber Floors Do for My Home?

Timber Floor Sydney For many Generations thee were timber floors in almost all homes. It was the almost the only choice. Even when carpeted homes became poplar there was usually timber underneath. In modern times we have many more flooring options, from vinyl to bamboo. But so many people stick with timber floors because they […]

Bamboo or Timber Floor Sydney

Why Bamboo is the Modern Alternative ?

Bamboo or Timber Floor Sydney Bamboo is a modern alternative to timber flooring. It has been growing in popularity over the last ten years. The popularity of bamboo is due to several reasons. It can have a unique natural appearance, or be processed to look like timber. Else it can be given a highly unorthodox […]

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