Timber Floor Sydney

Choosing Timber Floors Sydney

Timber Floor Sydney

Hardwood Floors are amid the best flooring choices for your home or office. They provide character and appeal, are extremely long lasting. They are also easy to maintain with simple sweeping.
Some additional advantages of timber flooring is the low allergen risk, because they do not hold onto pollen, mites or dust. And that facts that hard timber floors can be re-sanded to give them a completely new appearance.

What to Consider when Buying Timber Flooring ?
What Colour Flooring Suits the Room – One advantage of wooden flooring is that the natural look fits any decor style. The wood-grain pattern suits anything from traditional to contemporary design.
But while the wood-grain pattern is versatile we need to be more specific about the colours. Light colours will help make the room look larger, and tend to be a bit more modern. But light colours will show some type of dirt. Dark floors look more traditional and rustic, and hide the dirt and wear, but they can make the room feel a little cramped.

Width and Length of Boards – The width and length of the hardwood floors impact the appearance. Wider planks are presently fashionable, helping to make the space seem larger. They also reduce the gaps in the floor.
Narrow timber boards can look sleek and stylish. This has been an ongoing popular look for decades.
An unusual trend it so mix wide and narrow planks. This can be inexpensive.

Durability Of the Hardwood Floor – Of course timber can be made from many different species of trees. Each species of tree-wood has its own characteristic appearance and hardness. Generally hardwood will be more durable than softwoods, but they are also more expensive. We must weight these options.
We can look at the wood’s Janka rating to see how durable the wood is. The higher the rating the stronger the wood. A Janka of 7-8 is quite durable for floors.

How Much To Spend – Timber floors are not the cheapest option. But because they are extremely long lasting they are cheaper in the long term. This alone justifies their initial expense. And being attractive and easy to maintain they are worth the extra cost.

Timber Floor Sydney

Hardwood timber Floors are popular because they look good and last for decades. Consider hardwood for the home or office.


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