Timber Floor Sydney

Cleaning Timber Floorboards

Cleaning Timber Floorboards

Timber Floor Sydney

There are many advantage to timber floors. Many people like the appearance of natural woodgrain. And timber floors are extremely long lasting under normal conditions. Another great advantage is the timber will not harbour dust, pollen or other harmful chemicals as carpets tend to do. So timber is reasonably easy to clean.

Nonetheless no floor will clean itself. But with minimal time and effort the timber will stay clean, and in good condition, if we know the basic cleaning methods.

Unfinished timber floors versus finished timber

Finished timber will have had some treatment that prevents water from soaking into the wood. This makes the timber floor easier to maintain; most spills will wipe off without staining.
We can test to see if the timber is finished by simply putting a teaspoon of water on the floor. If the water beads up, then the timber is probably finished. If the water tends to soak into the wood, then the timber is probably unfinished.

Cleaning unfinished Timber Floors

You must not use the traditional water and mop on an unfinished floor. The water will soak into the wood and start to cause damage.
Vacuuming the floor with a soft attachment will remove almost all the dust and dirt.
Sweeping floors is fine, but a vacuum is probably quicker and more effective.
Microfibre cloths and slightly microfibre mops are also useful for cleaning any timber floor.

Cleaning Finished Floors

Start by vacuuming the floor, to remove most dust and dirt.
Mop the floor with a damp mop. Keep the water to a minimum.
Add a small amount of white vinegar, Murphy’s Oil soap or Orange Glo to the water when mopping.
Occasionally a floor may be sticky, causing dust and other substances to stick to the floor, making it always seem dirty. This is because soap scum has built up on the floor surface. We can remove this by mopping with dilute cleaning fluid that breaks down the soap. Vinegar in warm water is one decent option for this.

Floating Timber Floors Sydney

Floating floors have timber over a subfloor. This can be cleaned in the same manner as a regular timber floor, but as always we must keep water to a minimum. we cannot let moisture get under the floor where it may cause damage, or encourage the development of mould. Keep the floor as dry as possible.

Maintaining Timber Floors

Having all residents remove shoes when inside will greatly reduce the wear and tear on the floor, and greatly reduce the dust and dirt tracked inside.
Mats and rugs will also protect the floors, and feel good under the feet during winter.

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