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Comparing Different Flooring Options

Synthetic and Timber Floors Sydney

There are many options for floor materials in the home and office. All have their respective advantages.

Solid Timber Floors Sydney

Nothing else quite provides the appeal and warmth of solid timber flooring. This natural timber is organic, with a natural look and texture that feels great, and give a sense of prestige.
Quality Solid timber can last for decades under reasonable conditions, and survive anything short of floods and fires. If it does become superficially damaged it can be re-sanded to restore its original appearance.
Solid Timber is not suited to wet conditions in bathrooms or most kitchens, but is a great option in almost any other room.

Vinyl Plank Flooring Sydney

This is a less expensive option, but modern vinyl is made to look like timber or stone, so you need not compromise on appearance.
Vinyl floors are fitted over a sub-floor, which can be inexpensive particleboard. So it is useful for giving an otherwise plain room a great makeover. It can also be put over concrete floors, so it is a fine option for bathrooms and kitchens.

Prefinished Solid Timber

This is a form of natural hardwood, but with a pre-finished top layer. It has an advantage in being easier, and therefore cheaper, to install – the pieces easily lock into place.
Pre-finished timber has all the warm appeal and prestige of traditional timber flooring, and is a reasonable possibility for DIY projects.

Floating Timber Floors Sydney

Floating floors are installed over an existing floor. In addition to a new look for the room they also provide thermal and acoustic insulation. The additional layer of flooring keeps the room temperature stable and greatly dampens any noise. So you have a comfortable and quite room with floating timber floors.
Floating timber floors also work well with underfloor heating.

Synthetic and Timber Floors Sydney

We provide a full range of timber and other flooring materials. Give the room a face-lift with one of our many options.

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