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Consider A Floating Timber Floor

A Floating Timber Floor Sydney

A floating timber floor offers some advantages over other floors. This includes some thermal and acoustic isolation, and the fact that the floor is not permanent.

About the Floating Timber Floor Sydney

A floating timber floor consists of an additional layer of floor over the main floor (the subfloor) beneath. The subfloor below is a permanent of the building structure. The floating floor is left unattached to this subfloor, being held in place by its own weight. There will be a layer of soft insulation material between the upper floating floor and lower subfloor.


The Advantages of a Floating Timber Floor Sydney

Thermal Insulation – The additional flooring layer with soft material will help keep the room temperature stable; heat won’t escape through the floor. This means it takes less energy to heat or cool the room.

Acoustic Insulation – The sound of people walking on the floor is dampened and absorbed by the double layer flooring. This means people in adjacent rooms (especially downstairs) are less likely to be disturbed by noise in the room that has floating flooring. And the floating floor room will receive less noise from outside.

Walking Surface – The floating floor has a layer of soft material between the two layers of flooring. This gives a certain amount of spring to the floor, which is easier on feet than a hard rigid walking surface.
Some dance studios like floating floors because it is easy on the feet while still being sturdy.

Non-Permanent – A floating floor will not harm the floor beneath it. So it can be used for a children’s bedroom or playroom as a temporary cover to protect the main floor. Or installed in a rental property and removed latter on.

DIY – With engineered timber the floating type of floor is a good DIY project requiring moderate skill.

A floating floor can be installed over a concrete floor (as long as there are no water/moisture issues) to good effect. Engineered timber will mean the floor is now wood, making it a much better living space than hard concrete.

Timber Floor Sydney

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