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Considering Hardwood

Considering Hardwood

Timber Floor Sydney
Hardwood floors are popular because of their appearance and durability. But there are also synthetic alternatives that look like natural wood, and which are almost as durable. Consider these if you like the look of natural timber decor. Especially as hardwood is more expensive.

  • Floors are a long term investment. You will have them for decades, so see them as a long term investment in the house.
    Hardwood cannot be considered suitable for bathrooms, because it is not sufficiently waterproof. But some synthetic flooring can work well if you like the look of bathrooms with wood-grain.
  • Some people like hardwood for the kitchen. This is fine because moisture is not too extreme here.
  • Know you budget. And consider hardwood for some main rooms, and imitation hardwood for rooms that are used less often.
  • Understand that installation costs are the cost of timber materials are both part of the overall budget. This installation cost will be similar even if you use cheap materials. It might be only a slight increase to use more expensive timber, and you get a better result.
  • Plain shaped rooms will have a lower installation cost than complex room with many corners.
  • Even though hardwood floors are long term, they can be re-sanded and stained or lime washed a different colour if required. This option does not apply to cheaper, synthetic materials.
  • Sunlight will cause many flooring materials to fade. Look into UV protection films for the windows.
  • There is always a type of flooring on sale. You might get a great hardwood option if you shop around and exercise some patience.

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