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Cuts Of Timber for Floors

Types of Timber Floor Sydney

The tree wood that is used to make timber floorboards can be cut in many ways. Whiel there are many possibilities there are three standard methods of cutting. Each of these has certain advantages.

Plain-Saw Timber Floor Sydney

This cuts planks of timber along the length of the tree, with each plank parrallel to the next. This is popular because it wastes the least wood. But the quality of the planks will vary, as will the width of the planks. Any timber plank cut across the centre of the tree diameter will be vary stable, and be almost as wide as the tree trunk. Timber planks cut above and below this will be of lesser quality, with the plank at the top and bottom being the narrowest and lowest quality of all.
The high quality cuts of timber suffer far less bowing and warping than lower quality cuts.

This is the cheapest option, because of the minimal wastage.

Rift-Saw Timber Floor Sydney

This cuts the timber planks from the outside toward the centre of the tree diameter. This produces high quality stable timber planks with pleasing grain patterns. But unfortuantely it wastes a lot of timber, producing triangular lengths between the planks that are cut.

This is expensive, though the extra cost is sometimes justified if the extra strength and stability is needed.

Quarter-Saw Timber Floor Sydney

This is part way between the Rift and Plain saw methods. The dimeter of the log is cut into 4 quarters, and each of these is cut into parrallel planks. The resulting planks have an attractive grain pattern, and are more stable than plain saw planks, but not as stable as Rif saw planks.

Best options for Timber Floor Sydney

Quarter saw is a good option for many floors, as many people like the grain pattern, especially in something like oak. the stability of these plansk is usually more than sufficent for the average home. As long as the environment has moderate, stable humidity there is rarely a problem with floors warping or bending.

Timber Floor Sydney

Good timber floors last for decades, and can be resanded to remove superfical damage. Ass value to a home with genuine timber.

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