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Timber Floor Sydney

timber floors remain a popular option for a more prestige homes. The main attraction is the appearance of natural wood-grain.. But timber floors are also very durable, and will last for a century under reasonable conditions. Best of all, a genuine timber floor can be re-sanded

If you have installed a timber floors you will want to decorate the rest of the room accordingly. This should be considered before you stain of colour the floor. You could either stain the floor according to decor you intend to use for the room. Or design the decor according to the colour of the floor.


Most decor works by contrast.

  • Light floors can look good with darker wall, though this would require some fairly bright light.
  • Dark coloured floors can look good with light coloured walls.
  • Light coloured floors and light walls can look open and bright, though we would recommend some furnishings that provide some contrast.
  • Dark walls and floors rarely work well.

Some ideas

  • Because wood is natural it may clash with overtly bright, synthetic furnishings. This is especially true with dark wood. Avoid the plastic look for furnishings unless it is a natural pastel colour like tan or off white.
  • Leather sofas and wooden furniture work will with timber floors.
  • If the walls are white or light tan you can add some trim that matches the floor colour. Window sills can be the same wood as the floor. Or you can have a horizontal dividing line around the middle of the walls.
  • Strong, even lighting will make any room feel more open and bright. you can opt for natural coloured lighting, or candle, perhaps switching between the two.
  • An entire wall can be covered with a photo-realistic print. If this is a natural scene, like a forest or mountain view, it makes the room feel larger. This is especially useful if the room lacks windows.
  • Mirrors, especially large mirrors, add to the feeling of space in any room.
  • A lime washed floors has a different look and feel to a regular timber floor. This is one situation where pastel, vivid and plastic colours can work well. This has something of an IKEA catalog appearance.
  • Wall tiles work in some situations, especially if they have a natural look like wood-grain or stone. Consider adhesive tiles for part of a wall.
  • Rugs that complement the floor colour are easy to add and remove during warm or cold weather. Choose according to decor.

Floating Timber Floors Sydney

Floating timber floors are built over the existing floor, without being permanently attached.

A floating floor can transform the look of a room without changing the structure of the home. As an added bonus they provide thermal insulation and sound isolation.


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