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Décor Principles and Timber Floors

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Once basic principle of aesthetics is coherence. Basically, if we want something to look good then all the elements must fit together. This is a broad idea. It might means matching colours, or contrasting colours. It might mean contrasting textures, or matching light and shadow. Whatever the situation, if we decorate the any room in the home we must make sure all the elements in that room fit together in some way that we find pleasing.



When considering the elements of the room, the wall colour, the flooring, the furniture, the lighting, we realize that some elements are easy to change, while others are semi-permanent. It is easy to add or remove furniture (if we can afford it). It is not too difficult to repaint the walls (though it will take a few days). But replacing the floor is a major renovation job. So, if we want to improve a room we almost always do better to alter the wall colour, lighting or furniture rather than the floor. Then again, we could add vinyl or carpet over the floor at only a moderate cost. Or have the colour of the floor changed.


Timber Floor Sydney


A solid timber floor is probably the most versatile option. And though it is initially more expensive than particle board or laminate it is easier to modify. This is because timber can be stained different colours. It is relatively easy to stain light timber a darker colour. And we might also lighten a dark floor with a lime wash. This can be changed again later on, because the hardwood timber floor can be resanded to remove the stain, and then perhaps stained a new colour.



Hardwood timber floors can suit anything from classic Victorian decors to modern open designs. Older styles will tend to use darker floor wood, or perhaps light floor wood with dark furniture. We might add to the effect with warm (candle colour) lights. Modern minimalism will use more pastel colours, and brighter lighting, to give a more open look.



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Rooms often have a focal point. This might be a feature wall, a lounge set, or perhaps a large TV. Other elements of the room should work around this focal point.


Symmetry is an element in design. Or we might call this balance. It  does not necessarily mean literal mirror symmetry, which is often a little predictable, but rather a sense of the room seeming proportional. We don’t usually have all the furniture over one side, but we might instead arrange the chairs around a central point.


Contrast is important. Have light and dark colours, or contrasting colours, or rough walls against smooth curtains. Avoid anything that clashes.


Stain the timber floor to match the décor of the room.



Timber Floor Sydney


Thinking of redecorating? A re-sanded and recoloured floor can mean a completely different room. There are many possibilities.



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