Timber Floor Sydney

Design Rooms for Timber Floors

Timber Floor Sydney

Hardwood floors are often the homes best feature. But we would want to design the rest of the features to suit this style of floor. Often we do this by a mixture of contrast and matching styles.

Contrasts work by having elements that are similar, yet different. It does not work if we mix stark synthetic modern materials with warm, old school classic decor. But it does work if we match light timber with dark timbers, or just match colours that contrast well.

Colour Contrasts
Light wooden floors look quite contemporary. They can go well with darker walls. Preferably just dark enough to create contrast. But as dark colours can reduce the feeling of space we should compensate by having a well lit room.

Light floors will work with light coloured walls, and help make a room feel open and spacious. Add some darker furniture for the contrast effect.

Darker floors can look sophisticated, like classic aristocratic luxury home. This works best with light walls. Creme is a good contrast with walnut dark floors. Add leather furniture to complete the organic feel of the decor. Avoid too much darkness lest the room feel crowded ,small and melancholy.

Bleached floors or lime washed floors are a more extreme type of light flooring. Try a rich red wall design with dark timber furniture. Or sky blue walls with stark white furniture.

Cherry red flooring isn’t quite dark but neither is it light. Yet it works well with something that might work with dark floors. Try bright, open white walls with neutral furniture.
Consider the possibilities of timber floors. There is no one right answer to decor, but contrast is almost always part of the effect. Imagine the different possibilities with different colours, and go with what feels right.

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