Fixing Issues with Bamboo Flooring

Flooring is an investment for your Home. Even if you do not have immediate plans to sell the home you should consider the flooring an investment for yourself. You will be using this floor for many years to come; choose a reliable flooring option that make you comfortable.

Bamboo flooring is prone to moisture and warping.

Any potential damage from water can be eliminated if the moisture is promptly removed. This is fairly easy in any situation other than flooding.

Bamboo that is multi-layered in construction is unlikely to be effected much by moisture. Multi-layered bamboo rivals engineered timber for stability.

Bamboo flooring is easily dented or scratched.

It is only the surface of the bamboo that is prone to scratching. Well-made, properly aged bamboo is otherwise quite durable.

Avoid anything that can scratch the bamboo surface. Avoid shoes indoors, use coasters under furniture.

The surface finish on bamboo can sometime be re-applied to remove scratches.

Bamboo is an environmentally friendly product.

The bamboo plant is a grass, which grows quite quickly. The bamboo can be harvested every seven years, and the basic plant left alive to grown more bamboo.

No wildlife (i.e.: panda bears) live amid the bamboo that is used for flooring.

Good quality bamboo should also adhere to environmentally friendly manufacturing techniques.

Bamboo fades over time

Bamboo will fade in UV light, as some furniture also fades in the Sun. traditional timber by contrast, tends to darken over time.

If the home has UV proof windows, or even decent curtains, there should be no fading issues.

Bamboo Flooring Sydney

Good bamboo, grown for 6 to 7 years, is tough enough to rival good timber flooring. Proper preparation and processing improves the bamboo further. Buy a reliable brand of bamboo, choose a colour scheme that you like, and enjoy the benefits for years


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