If you install Wooden or Bamboo floors should choose the colours carefully. The floor is fairly permanent, and the rest of the room décor should be chosen to compliment it. If you have a décor in mind before install the floor then the floor colour should be chose to suit the décor. If the floor is already installed, and presuming you do not wish to re-finish and re-stain it, you will have to design the décor to suit the floor style that is already there.


The Colour Wheel.

This is an old but reliable method of choosing colours. Colour wheels show the various colours of the rainbow spectrum juxtaposed with their opposite colour on the opposing side of the wheel. There are three general methods of using the colour wheel to find pleasing colour schemes.

Analogous Colours – This is simply using the same colour for several decorations, e.g.: red curtains with red furniture.

Contrasting colours – The main use of a colour wheel, colours are chosen from opposite sides of the wheel of a contrasting effect. Red goes with green, blue goes with yellow. This contrast tends to look more energetic than matching colours.

Triad colours – By choosing three colours spaced equally around the colour wheel a three part contrast can be created. Sometime good results can be created with just two of these colours. Blue can go with red, pink with yellow, purple with orange.


Because wood is organic it tend to suit earthy colours. Some good options are:


Gold timber floor — Butter Yellow

Deep Wine Floor — Burgundy shades

Grey, ash timber floor — cool green or blue.


Orange tinted timber — Blue-grey

Reddish floor – sage green

Golden timber — lilac.

White timber floor – Any bright colour


If in doubt a light grey colour suits almost any floor type. Grey curtains with some bright decoration can work well.

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