Home Design Solutions

A few considerations for designing a new Home. And perhaps for renovating the present one.

Focus on Location

Few of us have unlimited funds, so we can’t just choose to live wherever we want. But we should find the best location that we can afford. Consider land, neighbourhood, infrastructure, transport, shopping, parks, access to commodities, street noise.

Making use of the location

Make the best use of the block of land possible. If there is one direction that has a good view, consider a large window, or sliding windows opening onto a veranda.

Can you take advantage of the wind direction? Of the early morning sun? Position solar heating on a certain roof?

Maximise Natural light

Can you make use of natural light during the day? Use skylights, or have a backroom that enjoys the afternoon Sun in summer.

Natural light saves money with lower electrical bills.

Size of rooms

In the long term homeowners prefer space to multiple rooms. Larger rooms seem better than multiple smaller rooms, though children do prefer their own bedrooms.

Can a room serve more than one function? Adding a projector in the ceiling takes up little space, but it turns any room into a home theatre. This may save the need for a separate lounge room and TV room.

Ceiling Height

More ceiling height give a room a feeling of more space. And if you can sometime use this for storage with high cabinets, then you may actually have some more floor space.

Dimmable lights

These are great for creating a soft mood, or for avoiding bright lights that might keep us awake. Warm orange lights are a good option at night.

Good Insulation

This saves on heating and air conditioning costs.

Hardwood Timber floors Sydney

Good hardwood lasts for years. And can be re-sanded to look like new. It literally is a selling point for a house.

It is easy to adapt hardwood to suit the season. Add some rugs for warmth in winter. Leave the floor bare to help circulate air in summer.

Loose Lay Sydney

Vinyl loose lay looks like wood or stone, and is a good option for kitchens or laundries.

Floating Timber Floors Sydney

A floating timber floor will provide acoustic isolation from other rooms; the noise of people walking on the floor will not carry.

These cannot be used in wet areas.

Plan your home so that you will be happy in the long term. An investment in time and effort now will last for decades.


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