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Hotter Weather Style

Hot Weather timber Floor Sydney 

In many ways wooden floors provide the most flexible options for decoration. It is reasonably easy to add rugs and heavier curtains in the colder months to provide a cosier room; and it is easier to change this for summer.


Summer with Timber Floor Sydney 

  • Bare wooden floors are much cooler than carpet or most other surfaces, especially with bare feet or cloth footwear.
  • Light curtains on the windows can let light in while blocking heat. If the windows don’t have UV film then Find a fabric that blocks UV light. Commercial sprays are available to UV guard fabrics.
  • Have bare furniture, not heavy sofas. This both allows the air to circulate through the room and furnishings, and prevents the furniture from retaining heat.
  • Decorate the room with materials that are heat conductors. Glass jars and metal furnishings will cool the room down because they do not retain warmth. Part of this may be psychological, but the effect is worthwhile.
  • As it is summer you might like to continue the décor change by adding beach themed furnishings. We accept a little more heat if we feel we are at the beach. Put some large seashells out, and coloured glass jars or sand.
  • Light coloured decorations are cooler both in terms on not retaining heat and making the room seem less hot.
  • Either let the house ventilate naturally by opening windows, or seal it off entirely and use air conditioning.
  •  Low the humidity, the moisture in the air. This does not change the actual temperature, but it feels cooler. This is  because our perspiration quickly evaporates. Low humidity should also prevent shrinking/expanding timber flooring, though this problem is less common today.

Consider Timber Floor Sydney 

The clean, open look of wooden floors is both stylish looking and noticeably cooler for summer weather. Take precautions to prevent furniture or footwear from scratching the timber. Otherwise, enjoy the summer in a pleasantly cooler environment.

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