Timber Floor Sydney

How to Make Timber Look Attractive.

Timber Floor Sydney

Timber is almost always treated in some ways before it is used. About the only exception to this is rustic decor, where timber is left raw. More often timber will be give a protective coating (finish) that also enhances the appearance, or perhaps a different type of finish that also changes the appearance.

There are several types of finish

Polyurethane gives a hard, shiny finish to timber. It is usually applied once a floor is installed and sanded, though some pre-cut engineered timber planks already have a polyurethane coating.
Polyurethane requires a few coats, 2 coats if oil based, 4 or more if water based. And each coat must dry before the next application.
Oil based polyurethane takes 12 hours or more to dry. So a room will take two days for two coats. The fumes from this process are very strong, so wear a mask.
Water based polyurethane take 3 hours to day, so several coats can be done in one day. though it usually takes more than a day to give several coats to a room.
Leave the room unoccupied for 24 hours after the polyurethane coating.
Polyurethane leaves a hard, shiny coating that provides protection for the floor surface.

French Polish
This is an older technique, but it remains popular because many like the shiny appearance. It is more commonly seen with furniture and expensive musical instruments (like a grand piano or classical guitar).
French polish uses layers of shellac to give a very glossy surface to a timber surface. This surface can them be gently polished.

This is a very different technique. It gives the floor a chalky white finish, effectively lightening the colour. This is popular for austere decors, with open spaces and minimal furnishings.

Timber Floor Sydney

Timber floors that have been sanded can be refinished with protective coatings. Talk to us about all types of flooring.

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