Timber Floor Sydney

Light and Dark Timber

Timber Floor Sydney

Timber floors are versatile and popular. They look great, having an attractive organic feel, and can be stained to suit any decor. Best of all timber floors last for decades, as long as the home does. And if they do suffer superficial damage they can have their surface re-sanded to look as good as news.

If you have invested in good timber flooring you will probably want to decorate the rest of the room too. And if you have a sense of style of fashion then you will want to give the room a coherent look, the floors, walls and furniture matching.

Light Timber Floors Sydney

Light floors are fairly modern looking. They can work well with light coloured walls and furnishings, to give an open space feel. Else, they can also work with darker wall colours, or even bright bold colours. Light wood floors are perhaps the most versatile floor option.

Dark Timber Floors Sydney

Dark floors require some contrast. An all dark room won’t look good, and probably feel small and melancholy. Some light walls and good lighting can work well with a dark floor. This can include lighter timber surfaces and furniture.

Dark floors with rich earthy colours, and perhaps leather furniture, can give a room an old Victorian feel.

Neutral Floors

Light or medium coloured timber floors with light coloured walls give a room fairly open look, allowing a lot of detail to be added with decorations. It is not recommended to have too much detail in the floors and decor as the room will look overcrowded.

We suggest felt, cork or plastic coasters under all furniture to prevent scratching. Else, rugs can be used to protect floors.

Timber Floor Sydney

Timber floors are long lasting, and can be stained, lime washed or decorated to suit many decors. Best of all they can be re-sanded to restore their original appearance.

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