Timber Floor Sydney

Looking After Timber Floor Sydney

Timber Floor Sydney

Timber flooring is a great addition to any home. It lasts for years, can be re-sanded and re-finished to suit different decors, and it is one of the few renovations that adds value to a home. Best of all, it looks great.

Of course, if we have timber floors we will want to look after them.


Looking after Timber Floor Sydney

It is often better to sweep a timber floor than to use a mop. Mops do have their place for cleaning timber. But if we sweep or vacuum with a soft brush attachment first most of the grit and dirt is removed. Then we can use a damp mop for cleaning what little dirt still remains.

A microfiber mop is great for timber surfaces. This can be used even when dry.

Mops are best used when damp. Too much moisture is bad for the timber. But a damp mop will work well. Make sure the mop is clean.

Try buffing the floor with a clean, dry cloth for a pleasing shine.

The finish on a timber floor is easily damaged. It will be scratched with grit on shoes. And while this does not harm the floor it does ruin its look. We can greatly reduce this issue by putting mats at doorways to clean shoes before entry, or by removing shoes when we are inside.

Never use a steam mop on timber. The heat and moisture in these devices are the worst possible thing for floors. Steam mops are fine for tiles and some vinyl flooring, but not timber.

Mats on the floor will provide a lot of protection. Avoid mats with perishable rubber, as this can cause the timber to discolour.

Put coasters, usually made of plastic, under chair legs and tables. This prevents scratches.

Read cleaning labels on all cleaning products. And only use what the manufacturer recommends.

Remove the build-up of wax on floors. Some cleaning products provide shine by adding wax to the formula. But this ends up making the floor look dull as the wax accumulates over time. Remove the wax and the natural timber will look much better.


Restoring Timber Floor Sydney

Superficial damage to timber can be sanded off. This is one of the many advantages of timber. Re-sanding removes the top layer of material, perhaps half of a millimetre, to reveal a new layer of wood. This is literally a new timber surface, ready to be stained and finished.

A re-polishing can often be enough to restore a timber floor.

Our Timber Floor Sydney sanding specialists are all about installing and restoring timber floors. We believe these floors are the best option for most home situations, looking attractive and lasting for decades. Consider having the floor re-sanded when you change the home décor.


Timber Floor Sydney

Timber floors in the home look great and last for decades. They can be re-sanded or re-polished to look like new.


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