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Low Allergen Floors

Low Allergen Floors
Some of us suffer allergies, or have family members who suffer. In this situation it is best to choose home and flooring materials that will not aggravate the allergy.

Carpets are popular with some homeowners. But the Low Allergen Floors can retain allergens and pollen that aggravate out health. Twice annual steam cleaning will greatly reduce this issue, but it is perhaps best to use alternative flooring that does not harbor dust or other contaminants.
Natural fiber carpets like wool cause far fewer allergy issues than synthetic fibers.

Timber Floor Sydney
‌‌Timber floors are very low allergen. There is nowhere for dust and contaminants to hide. And dust stays on the surface, where it can easily be swept or vacuumed away.
wood is also free from almost all mold and mildew problems, as long as the floor is dry. Some species of timber have a natural immunity to mold and similar problems.

Natural timber is also free from chemicals like formaldehyde. This and other chemicals are often found in synthetic floors, and are known to cause respiratory problems and aggravate allergies. It is important to note that some timber floor finishes like polyurethane do contain harsh chemicals, at least when they are first applied.
Floating Timber Floors Sydney
‌‌While floating timber floors are easy to keep clean on the surface there can be allergy issues with the underlay. We cannot clean the underlay as it is beneath the floorboards, so dust and pollen can accumulate here. Mold may also grow if the underlay absorbs moisture. It is possible to give the underlay an anti-mold treatment, or use cork which is largely mold free. For many people this is more than adequate.
Bamboo Flooring Sydney

Bamboo is similar to hardwood timber in many ways. Its hard surface is easy to sweep of vacuum clean, and there is little issue with mold. Some bamboo is manufactured with harsh chemicals like formaldehyde. But this dissipates after a few week. And modern bamboo uses less of this chemical than other flooring materials, like synthetic carpet.
Vinyl Plank flooring Sydney
Modern vinyl flooring has little in the way of toxic chemicals. It is also fairly hard-wearing and easy to sweep clean. Vinyl is only toxic if it is burnt.
Another low allergen option, and by far the best option with wet conditions. It is very hard underfoot, but otherwise a fine choice.

If we don’t like hard, cold floors we can add rugs, at least in the winter. These are removable and washable, so much easier to clean than permanent carpets.


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