Bamboo flooring Sydney

Modern Bamboo Flooring Sydney

Modern Bamboo Flooring Sydney

Bamboo flooring Sydney

Bamboo is usually chosen for one of three reasons:

  • It is environmentally friendly
  • Many people like the look of bamboo, which can even be processed to look like hardwood.
  • It is fairly low cost.

In environmental terms bamboo is good for several reasons. It is fast growing, taking only 7 years to reach full maturity. Traditional hardwood takes decade before it can be used. Furthermore, bamboo is a type of grass, so the building materials can be harvested without removing the plant from the soil. So regrowth is much easier.

People often like appearance of Bamboo. In its less processed state it has a pleasant light colour with a wide, open grain pattern. This makes for an austere looking floor and room. It can further processed to have the darker look of virtually any traditional hardwood, which suits darker floors and décor. It is one of the flooring options than can be custom processed, even giving unnatural and unorthodox colours if desired.

Bamboo is also less expensive than most hardwoods, though it will cost more than some synthetic materials like vinyl or laminate. So it is basically a mid-priced option that has a similar appearance and similar properties to the more expensive options.

Long term wear.

The main body of bamboo is very hard. So it will last for decades with far less shrinkage or warping than many timbers. One disadvantage of older types of bamboo is that the surface was prone to superficial scratching. This is less of a problem with modern bamboo flooring which now has a protective top finish.

A matt finish on bamboo flooring seems to wear better, showing less dirt and scratches.

Unlike timber bamboo cannot be re-sanded. But if it is looked after reasonably well it should not need re-finishing.


Many flooring materials will release chemicals like formaldehyde into the air. Carpets will do this when they are new. Bamboo does use these chemicals when it is being manufactured. But it actually releases far less chemical residue into the environment and home once it is installed.


Bamboo flooring Sydney

Bamboo is the modern flooring option that is suitable for most rooms in the home. As it can be processed to have many colours, and look like many other types of flooring, it can be used with many different types of décor.

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