Outdoor Porches

Porch Timber Floor Sydney

Outdoor living areas like porches add usable space to your home. And they can be an advantage in many weather conditions. If the porch is covered with a roof then the area is usable in the rain, so you can spend some time outdoors. And it is useable in the summer so we can enjoy the breeze with the full force of the Sun.

Outdoor porches are usually timber, occasionally concrete. If you want to add a porch then an above ground timber structure is often the best choice.

There are several different options for outdoor structures like porches.


These are stylish looking are will be long lasting if given a protective finish. The finish will partly determine the final colour, so there is some décor choice here. This is the popular options around swimming pools.

Hardwood takes some skill to drill, nail and cut.

This is a moderate cost option.


This is an imitation wood. It is durable, long lasting, but expensive. Another option that is popular around swimming pools.

Treated Pine

This is a softwood that has been treated to resist decay and termites. It works quite well for outdoor decking, though it will require on oil or finish recoating every year.

Because pine is naturally light in colour it can be stained or oil in many different ways. It can also be painted any colour.

This is a low cost option, the only drawback being the yearly re-coating.


Putting a roof over the decking means being able to use the area in most weather conditions. It also means less sunshine and rain on the timber floor, which helps reduce damages and maintenance.


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