Painting Timber FLoors

Painting Timber Floors

Painting Timber

Most people who like wooden floors and trim do so because of the look of the woodgrain. This can be stained to given an attractive light or dark colour. But sometimes people prefer painting timber. This can produce good results, though it is best used on the cheaper types of wood. It is a pity to waste expensive wood by painting over it.
Painting can be a good option for timber that is chosen for strength rather than attractiveness. It gives a pleasant rustic, old school farmhouse appeal.
Painted floors are almost always given a top coat of polyurethane for protection. This also gives an attractive shine.

Painting A Timber Floor Sydney

• You cannot really paint over floors that already has a protective coating. This will need to be sanded away.
• Timber is porous, meaning that most paint will soak into the surface. So use a primer designed for wood before painting.
• Floors have to be immaculately clean before painting. Vacuum and clean the floor with a damp mop, and wait till it is completely dry.
• Use a paint designed for floors. This is usually semi-gloss. The paint should say that it is right for floors or timber decking.
• A thinner paint will dry harder. Don’t apply the paint too thickly, Consider thinning out the paint and giving several coats.
• Don’t paint yourself into a corner. You’ll look like a foolish cartoon character! Start painting in the most distant corner and work towards the door.
• The paint will be protected with a polyurethane top coat. This adheres well to non-gloss paint.
• Air the room out after each coat of paint, and after applying the polyurethane. The fumes form these products, especially polyurethane, are unpleasant.
Floating Timber Floors Sydney
Floating timber is usually not painted. People usually prefer to replace floating floors because this is reasonably easy. But the

Timber Floor Sydney

Timber is a long lasting option for flooring. It can be stained, lime washed, or sometime painted to give a good décor effect.

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