Parquet floors

Timber Floor Sydney

Patterned floors are more often seen with tiles and vinyl floors. These can often be made pre-patterned. But wooden floors can also feature patterns. In fact this was once almost common in some public buildings like churches and ballrooms, and even high class hotels and reception halls. These types of floors are called parquet.

Parquet floors consists of wooden shapes, rather like tiles, that fit together to form a pattern or image. The floor might feature a picture image, or a simple geometric pattern. Else, it may contain an image surrounded by geometric patterns. Flower, religious icons, and symbols of hereditary have all been popular for parquet floors.

The simple parquet floors might be easy to accomplish with stock wood. As long as the individual tiles of wood lock together there is no real problem.

Bamboo Flooring Sydney

Bamboo parquet is a fairly recent option. But it is really just extending the principle of patterned timber floors to a new medium. Bamboo can be coloured to look like wood, so it is a simple matter to produce bamboo tiles for a geometric floor pattern.


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