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Timber Floor Sydney

Timber floors will suffer wear as people walk upon them. We can minimize this with preventative measures, such as not using shoes in the house. But eventually every timber floor will need re-polishing and re-sanding.

There are two main types of floor polish. Polyurethane is the most widely used. This come sin water based and solvent based varieties. And there are also oil based polishes, which many like the look of, though they are not as hard wearing as polyurethane.

Polyurethane comes in Gloss, Semi-gloss or Matt finishes. The gloss finish look great at first, but it soon looses its luster as the floor suffers wear. Matt finishes tend to look good for longer.

Always wear gloves and a breathing mask when using polyurethane.
Sanding the floor lifts any timber oils to the surface. this must be removed with methylated spirits and a cloth.
Cover the edges of the timber room with a coat of polish.
Then apply a even coat of polish over the whole floor, using a roller. Start at the furthest corner of the room and paint so that you finish near the entrance.
Apply the polish working with the grain of the wood, not against.
Let he polish dry for 8 hours.
lightly sand the surface with an orbital sander. This removes the roughness from the raised timber grain.
Completely vacuum the sawdust from the room.
Apply a second coat of polyurethane in the same method as the first.
Wait 24 hours before letting other walk on the floor.

Timber Floor Sydney

The cost of equipment for floor sanding and polishing is considerable. It is best to have this done by professionals. This guarantees the best results.

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