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Polyurethane coatings will provide protection for timber floors. This coating can dry to be almost perfectly clear, or be slightly tinted. It will protect against scratching while providing a fair degree of water resistance.

There are two general types of polyurethane coating, both of which give a hard glossy coating for wooden floors.  There is water based coating and solvent based.

Water Polyurethane

This is the most transparent coating; t is hard to see the difference between a coated and uncoated wooden surface, though the polyurethane will have a smooth feel and add a shine to the surface.

Water based polyurethane dries quickly, and can be re-coated in 2 hours. The final floor will need about 4 coat of water based polyurethane, but the quick drying time means than it is possible to give 4 coats in a single day.

This is the most popular type of timber coating. It is low odour and easy to work with as all brushes and equipment can be cleaned up with water. It is also moderately priced.

Solvent Polyurethane.

This has a slight amber tint that slightly darkens with age. Many people think this tint is quite suitable for timber floors. Strong light will tend to increase the tint. The protective qualities of the polyurethane are nor effected by the change in tint.

This type of polyurethane dries slowly, though it can be recoated after about 5 hours. The advantage is that it is thicker than water based products, so it only requires two coats.

There is some odour with these solvents, so rooms being treated should be well ventilated. Equipment requires cleaning with turpentine.

Bamboo Flooring Sydney

Bamboo has a reputation for being susceptible to scratching. This is undeserved, though old forms of bamboo flooring once did have this problem. Nonetheless you can protect bamboo floors with a polyurethane coating.

Even the most durable floors are prone to some types of damage. Protect timber and bamboo floors with a polyurethane coating.

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