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Solid wood floors have remained popular for many generations. This is partly because they look more sophisticated than synthetic floors, partly because we all tend to like the look of wood grain, with its mixture of randomness and order. Many synthetic floors try to copy the wood grain pattern (or stone alternative), but while they coy the look they do not have the durability of true timber.

This durability is important. There are wood veneer floors, engineered timber floors, and other alternatives. But while these may have the appearance of solid wood, and even a genuine wooden surface, they cannot be re-finished or re-sanded. This is where solid timber really proves to be superior.

Solid timber, even when it is structurally sound, can suffer light surface damage. This means scratches, dents, or perhaps fading from sunlight or stains from liquids. As this damage is only on the very top layer of the wood so re-sanding can quite often remove the problem.

Re-sanding removes about half a millimetre of timber from the top of the floor. This literally give a new floor surface. This new floor surface can then be re-stained, painted, coated or lacquered to either restore the old appearance, or provide a new look.

Re-sanding can also repair a floor that has suffered bad water damage. Flooding or severe moisture can cause floorboards to warp, making the floor uneven. Once the source of the water is removed, and the floor left for a few weeks to completely dry out, we can re-sand the timber surface to make the floor flat again.

Each time we re-sand we do lose a little of the floor; the timber floor becomes thinner. But if we re-sand every 10 years, a realistic estimate, then the floor will still last a century with no issues.

Preparing for Sanding a Timber Floor Sydney

Sanding produces a lot of sawdust. While modern equipment recaptures most of this in a vacuum bag there will always be a little bit of dust in the air, that settles on the ground. So all furniture and belongings should be removed from the room when possible.

If there are protruding nails in the timber they will need to be dealt with. Use a punch and hammer to push the nails 2 mm or more below the timber surface.

Timber Floor Sydney

Good quality solid timber can be re-sanded to look like new. If your timber floor looks scuffed and scratched, we can restore its original appearance.

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