Prefinished Solid Timber

Timber Floors remain the prestige option for home flooring. They are attractive, last for decades, and can be restored with reasonable ease.

Prefinished Solid Timber uses floorboards that are cut, treated, coated and sealed before installation. This saves time on the installation process, while still giving excellent results, virtually identical to traditional solid timber.

Because if has already been Prefinished with the right colour stain and coating the timber floor can be installed in minimal time, with no need for sanding, and no need for using chemical coatings in the home. Most of the work is done during the manufacturing process. The timber boards just need to be cut to size and put in place.

Advantages of Prefinished Solid Timber

  • Quicker installation. You can walk on the floor the day it is installed.
  • Very little mess, very little to clean up afterwards.
  • No chemical smell of varnish in the home.
  • No waiting time for the floorboards to acclimatise to the home.
  • No need for nails in the floor, the boards can be attached with adhesive.
  • It is reasonably easy to replace a floorboard would it every be damaged. Just order a new board in the same colour and size.
  • Like all solid timber floors it can be re-sanded at a later date if you decide to redecorate or refinish the floor.


Prefinished Solid Timber in Sydney

Prefinished Solid timber floors have all the advantages of solid timber, but are easier and quicker to install.