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Timber Floors Sydney

Timber is a great choice for almost any flooring in the home. Except for bathrooms and other ‘wet areas’ good timber will work almost anywhere, even in Kitchens.

But the flooring is only part of the room, the rest of the surroundings are also an important part of the décor. And we want the décor to all fit together coherently.

The floor is a very permanent part of the room. But it can be altered in terms of colour and finish. A timber floor can be re-sanded and stained a different colour should you decide to redecorate.

Yet quite often a timber floor does not need a permanent change for redecoration. A floor that is fairly neutral will suit many different décor styles. And a timber floor can easily be made to look difference with rugs and other furnishings. A few rugs can change a room for summer and winter.

Wall decorations in any room must accord with the floor is there is any sense of fashion. Some wall options include.

  • Curtains. Easy to change. Heavy or light, any colours. Easy to vary with the season.
  • Decals. Popular for children’s rooms. Silhouettes or cartoon characters are great for wall decorations
  • Door paper. A door can be decorated with any printed design.
  • Roller blinds – these can be printed with photorealistic designs.
  • Printed walls. A photorealistic image or anything can be put on the wall. This can give a great feeling of space. The wall can feature a natural landscape, or a French café.
  • Painting and framed prints. Old fashioned, but a good painting can add a lot to a room.

Bamboo Flooring Sydney

Bamboo flooring is available in more colours and finishes than most natural flooring. But bamboo is usually not designed to be refinished, so while there is a wide range of choices the final choice is fairly permanent.

If you decide on bamboo we suggest choosing either a neutral colour or a colour specifically designed to accord with the long-term décor of the room



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