Timber Floor Sydney

Rugs on Timber Floors

Timber Floor Sydney

Timber floors are the classic flooring material. Even after all these years, and all the modern alternative flooring materials, timber still stands above all other options by being stylish and hard-wearing.

An advantage of timber is that we can add rugs to accommodate the winter climate, and to complement the decor.

Rugs can provide warmth underfoot and add a warm feeling to a room. They can also give a sense of space and character. They have aesthetic appeal and practical use.

The aesthetic appeal and functionality of rugs are endless. There are so many decor options. The decor can be altered as easily as by changing the rug and moving the furniture.

Choosing the right rug for your room is the real trick. There are many options. Some people look for rugs that blend in with the surroundings. But a contrasting rug can also be very effective. the trick is to find a decor that is coherent yet contrasting. the various elements of the room can be different, yet they must fit together in a way that feels right.

Rugs can:

  • Add to the decor of the room, contrasting or matching the room decor.
  • Easily be changed for summer and winter.
  • Provide warmth underfoot
  • Prevent slipping on an otherwise slippery surface.
  • Protect the floor from scratches.
  • Separate furniture from the floor, so the furniture does not scratch or damage the timber.
  • Provide some dampening of sound in a room with hard surfaces.
  • Floating Timber Floors Sydney

Floating timber floors are fitted above a permanent sub-floor. these floating floors are not attached to the sub-floor. They simplify and stay in place under their weight, with the floorboards locking together at the edges. This provides excellent thermal and acoustic insulation.

Rugs can easily be added to a floating timber floor, providing all the advantages that they provide for a solid timber floor.

Timber Floor Sydney

Timber floors are great, long-lasting and great-looking. Think of ways to add decor to complement the appearance of the timber so you can have a great-looking room.

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