Timber floor Sydney

Sanding Hardwood Timber Floors

Timber floor Sydney

Timber floors have always been popular. They were the classic ‘old style’ flooring of a generation ago. yet they are also popular with modern designs. They will give an feeling of luxury and warmth that many homeowners like.

A Hardwood timber floor is easy to maintain; they can be swept or vacuumed clean in minimal time. But occasionally they need some gentle restoration to restore their initial appearance. This is where sanding comes in. Unlike almost any other type of flooring material timber can be re-sanded to reveal a new layer of untouched wood.

Sanding a Timber floor Sydney

Timber floors can suffer from light dents and scratches, usually just from people constantly walking on the surface. This superficial damage will not harm the floor structure in the slightest, but it will compromise the appearance. Floor sanding will remove all but the most serious scratches and dents on floors.

It is tempting for DIY home renovators to sand the floor themselves. But this is one aspect of home renovations that is difficult; few people have the experience to do this themselves. There are no similar home renovations to practice on. So it is all too easy to make a mess of this, ruin the expensive floor, and end up with a lot of wood dust. floor sanding should be done by experts.

A re sanded floor will have a new surface of bare, raw timber. This needs to be treated before it can be used as a floor. A the very least the floor will need to be stained. it will probably benefit form a polyurethane coating. Alternately, it can be lime washed for a lighter appearance.

You can protect your timber floor from scratches and dents by using felt coasters under furniture and taking shoes off when in the home.

Timber floor Sydney

Timber floors last for decades. Even with re-sanding every 10 years they will still last a hundred years under reasonable conditions. They will also survive changes in fashion, suiting everything from classic Victorian to modern decor styles.

Consider timber for any home of office.


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