Sanding Hardwood

Timber Floor Sydney

Hardwood is one of the oldest flooring options. It has remained popular because of its pleasing appearance and because it is extremely long lasting. The appearance varies with both the variety of timber used for the flooring and the colour stain that is applied afterward; there are suitable options for almost any décor. The long lasting property of good hardwood flooring is helped by the fact that it can be periodically re-sanded.

Though hardwood is very durable, no flooring is completely immune to damage. Over time a hardwood floor will be exposed to human traffic, furniture removals, and other wear. This will cause scratches and indentations. The great advantage of hardwood is that the surface can be re-sanded, restoring the floor to a virtual new appearance.

Re-sanding only removes a tiny fraction of material off the surface of a timber floor, in the order of half a millimetre. This will not compromise the structure of the floor, but it will expose a fresh layer of timber. This fresh layer can be stained and polished, giving a floor that looks like new. Any previous stain or coating on the floor will be removed by the re-sanding, so this is a good opportunity for changing the décor.

Home owners with timber floors can expect to have the floors re-sanded every decade. Timber floors in commercial and business buildings, which are subject to heavy foot traffic, may need to be re-sanded more frequently.

Timber floors will reliably last over a century under reasonable conditions. Periodic re-sanding allows the timber floors to keep an almost new appearance. Though more expensive than some flooring options hardwood is a worthy investment.


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