Solid Wooden Floor Hacks


  • Creaking in floors is caused by boards moving when we walk over them. These movements are often slight. Sometime nailing a loose board securely back in place is all that is needed. Else, try putting talcum powder between the cracks.
  • Scratches on wooden floors can usually be repaired with the same oil used to initially treat the wood when first installed. Often the scratch is not deep, and the wood is unaffected. Replacing the surface finish is all that is needed. I have heard of people rubbing a walnut over a scratch as a means of repairing it. The results probably depend on the wood and its finish.
  • Often scratches can be fixed with I part vinegar and 3 parts canola oil.
  • Put felt or cork pads under furniture to prevent scratching. These can usually be bought commercially. Else, if your furniture is an unorthodox size, they can be cut from felt and cork sheets and attached with soft glue. Attaching the protectors securely is essential for chairs and stools that will be moved. (Protectors can be made from wine corks)
  • Small dents or bruises in wood can be fixed with a damp cloth and an iron. This works on some floor and wooden furniture. Use plenty of water on the dent and steam from the iron; the process takes a few minutes. Move the iron around to prevent burning. Unfortunately, this works best on untreated wood. Polishes and oils tend to discolour.
  • Permanent marker can be removed with some brands of toothpaste and a damp cloth.
  • A magic eraser (Melamine foam) will clean almost all scuff marks.
  • Microfiber cloths and mops are extremely effective for cleaning hard surfaces like wooden floors.


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