Timber Floor Sydney

Suitable Hard Floor Options

Timber Floor Sydney

Hard flooring is always popular. It is easy to sweep clean, and if you choose the right style, if the floor matches the room décor, then the results look great.

There are several options for hard floors.

Timber Floor Sydney

Solid Hardwood Timber is a very reliable choice. It long lasting and resilient. It also gives a sense of old time luxury to a room. Many old homes used timber floors, and they still look good a century later.

Timber floors can be swept clean, or vacuumed with a soft brush attachment. Not only is this quick and easy, it is also allergen free. Unlike carpets there are no fibres to trap dust, pollen or other particles. So when the floor is swept clean it really is clean, and hygienic.

Timber has a woodgrain pattern. This is something that many find appealing. Woodgrain has a semi-random pattern that avoids the sterile feeling of something that is too plain, and avoids the messy feeling of something completely random. This is part of the organic feel of wood.

While the main body of a timber floor lasts for decades there can be a problem with superficial damage like scratching. But even here there is an advantage with timber flooring as surface damage can be removed by re-sanding the surface. Many homes with timber floors are re-sanded every ten years, and the floors still last a century.

Timber floors can be stained a variety of colours to suit individual taste and décor. They can be darkened quite easily, or even lightened with a lime wash.

Laminate Imitation Timber Floor Sydney

Many people like the look of timber, but realise that it is expensive. So they find alternate flooring materials that resemble timber. This can look good while also being high quality and long lasting.

Laminate is one such flooring options. It’s visible top layer is a photorealistic facsimile of timber. This is covered with a protective transparent layer, and backed with several layers of stiff core material to provide a stable structure. Laminate is also moderately water resistant, so it can work quite well in the kitchen.

Because it is so stable, and regular in size and shape, Laminate is idea for DIY installations.

Vinyl Imitates Timber Floor Sydney

Vinyl flooring is flexible and affordable. Styles that imitate the look of timber or stone can look quite appealing. What needs to be remembered is that vinyl is only the top layer; there will need to be a second layer of subfloor beneath. But this subfloor can be cheap particleboard. A long as the floor is flat the vinyl will supply all the appearance.

Vinyl can be produced in medium to large tiles, or as strips that imitate timber boards. These are a good option for DIY flooring.

Timber Floor Sydney

Genuine timber is luxurioius and lasts for decades. But alternate flooring materials also have their advantages. Find the right solution with us.



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