Timber Floor Sydney

Texture Finish

Timber Floor Sydney

There are many type of wood used for timber floors, and many different type stain and finish that can be applied to these different woods. A further variation is the texture applied to the surface. This alters the look and feel of the timber floors to a fair extent.

Smooth – This is literally smoothed out as much as possible, so the timber and the grain is sleek and elegant. Smooth timber lends itself well to a polished finish.

Wirebrushed – This is a slightly roughened surface that removes the soft wood from the surface, creating a texture that is very hard-wearing.

Hand Scraped – This is a deliberately roughened surface that has a lot of rough, rustic character.

Sawn Marked – The floor is distressed to mimic the look of rough sawn wood. It has a strong rustic aesthetic. It is especially effective with dark coloured or dark stained wood.

Distressed – The combines all the wire-brushed and sawn marked methods to give a rough and raw, yet appealing surface.

All of these surface textures can be applied to most floors, and combined with stains or lime washes. This allows many different decor options.

Timber Floor Sydney

Timber floors are long lasting and attractive. Best of all they can be re-sanded to look like new, or re-sanded to give an entirely new look.

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