Timber Floor Sydney

Timber Floors Sydney

Looking at Timber Floor Sydney

Good quality timber is warm and attractive, and as flooring or wall material it helps to create a comfortable environment. This can be the difference between a building and place we call home. Best of all, timber is environmentally friendly, being a renewable resource and using minimal energy in production.

The look of timber is one of the best features. Most people seem to like wood grain patterns, being a mixture of regularity and randomness. And the colour of the timber can be changed to a fair degree by staining. This will suit so many decors, from old school classic styles to modern sparse looks.

Wood also has good insulation properties, preventing the flow of heat in or out of the room. This is great in summer, as the floor is reasonably cool and allows easy circulation of air with just the addition of a fan. During winter it is easy to add a rug or two that will be warm underfoot.

Choosing A Timber Floor Sydney

  • Do we want solid timber or engineered timber? Engineered timber is made of several layers of different timber, and is cut to size and easy to fit together. Solid timber can be re-sanded several times to restore its original appearance.
  • Pre-finished or raw timber. Pre-finished timber is stained, sealed and perhaps coated with clear protective finish. These can be installed straight away. Raw timber will need to be stained and finished after it is installed, giving you a choice the colour. And it will need to be left in the room for a few days before installation so the moisture can stabilise.
  • Grade of Timber – There are at least three grades of timber, even within the same species. The best grade has minimal features (knots and discolouration) but it is more expensive. The least expensive grade has some uneven colour and several knots, though the strength and durability are identical.
  • Width – The floor boards can be wide or narrow or medium. Narrow boards can make a smaller room look larger. They also tend to be more stable, not warping over time or when humid. Wider boards can look better in some rooms; many people prefer them. They are considered more modern. 90mm or less is considered narrow. 100mm or more is considered wide.
  • Thickness – The thicker timber boards are more expensive, but they can be re-sanded several times, perhaps lasting over a century. Thickness ranges from 12mm to 22mm.

Timber Floor Sydney

Timber floors remain popular and prestige. They look great, and last for decades. Find the right timber flooring for your home.

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