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Kitchen Timber Floor Sydney

For the past few generations most homes used vinyl or tiles the kitchen floor. This was mostly due to the water proof qualities of these materials, though tiles and good vinyl could also look quite stylish. Some more expensive homes used stone flooring because of the improved appearance and that fact that sealed stone was sufficiently waterproof. But wood was rarely used on kitchen floors.

Timber is becoming a more common option for modern kitchens, especially with individual who want a chic upper-class look for their home. Timber can be coated with polyurethane to provide fairly good waterproofing properties that work in a kitchen. Under most household conditions this type of timber floor can last decades.

Timber wooden floors can be made to match or complement the timber used in cupboards or other kitchen areas. This offers many stylish design options.


Timber flooring is robust, resilient and extremely long lasting when well-maintained, especially compared to vinyl or cheaper flooring materials. It is ideal for heavy traffic areas such as kitchens.

Some home-owners are concerned with liquid and food spills on hardwood flooring. These accidents maybe unavoidable, but they will not be of any concern if they are quickly wiped away.

Scuffmarks from shoes of other items on the floor are a concern for some. But these are usually quite easy to remove. Other than shoes and the occasional bag of groceries most kitchens floors are not usually subjected to much wear; rarely is any furniture dragged across the surface. Under these conditions any damage is both rare and minor.

Timber floors require little regular maintenance. They can be swept clean, preferably with a microfiber cloth, and occasionally moped to keep them in fine condition.

Timber floors can be re-sanded and re-finished every decade to restore their new appearance. Even with re-sanding ever 10 years the floors will last a century.


Timber is sustainable if trees are replanted to replace the timber that is harvested. The constantly growing trees are good for removing CO2 from the atmosphere.

Flooding is the only real threat to timber floors. But flooding will threaten any building materials. Timber flooring is as robust as the main house and one of the best options for almost any room.

Floating Timber Floor Sydney

Floating timber floors can be installed over existing floors, including a plain concrete floor. These can be good for kitchens, and provide some sound isolation if there are room downstairs.

Kitchen Timber Floor Sydney

Consider timber flooring for a range of stylish kitchen decors.


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