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Using Engineered Timber for Floors

Engineered Timber Floor Sydney

True Hardwood is the prestige flooring option, but it is expensive, and requires considerable skill to install. A viable alternative is engineered timber flooring. This can have the appearance of good quality hardwood, and it is moderately easy for the average home DIYer to installer because it is pre-cut to easily lock together.
Engineered Timber Floor
Engineered Timber is made from natural timber. But unlike hardwood which is one solid piece of wood engineered timber uses several layers of different woods. These layers are combined to give the best qualities of all the different constituant materials. The main body of the engineered plank is made for strength. The top layer is provided for appearance. This makes for a stable flooring product that looks like hardwood, but which is less expensive than hardwood.
The sides of engineered timber planks have a tongue-and-groove edge. This locks into the adjacent board to create a tight fit. So the floor fits together easily and evenly. This makes engineered planks ideal for floating floors, because the locking tongue and groove edges means the individuals boards do not need to be nailed or glued down.

Advantages of Engineered Timber Floors
– The attractive appearance of quality hardwood
– A protected lacquered finish
– Very stable, even with changing humidity and temperature.
– More sustainable than most alternative flooring materials.
– Tongue and Groove edges fit together neatly and easily.
– Moderately easy to install for a home hobby renovator.
– Ideal for floating floors.
– Moderately inexpensive, cheaper than hardwood, but more costly than laminate.

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