Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl Plank Sydney

Vinyl flooring has always been a good economical flooring option for home. It is inexpensive and requires minimal maintenance.

Vinyl Planks imitate the look of timber. This gives many attractive décor options, many of which look far more expensive than economical vinyl.

Because vinyl flooring is made of individual tiles any damage to part of the floor can be reminded by replacing the individual tiles.

Vinyl Floor Stains

Spills are one of the more common causes of staining on vinyl floors. Prompt removal of any spills will greatly reduce the extent of any problems. Vinyl is usually quite resistant to liquid spills, so damage is minimal. At worst, if a vinyl tile is damaged, it can be replace with an identical tile without disturbing the rest of the floor.

Heat Discolouration

Heating vents and strong sunshine may causes some vinyl tiles to discolour. Sunshine fading can be reduced or even removed by using curtains during the daytime, or by installing UV proof windows. Vinyl floors should be kept away from strong heat sources.

Footmarks on Vinyl

Rubber soles shoes and nylon sock/ stockings can cause floors to be damaged. Shoes that have been exposed to tar or asphalt can also discolour some vinyl. It is best to remove such footwear inside the house. All flooring will suffer when shoes are worn inside.

Some of these stains can be removed with mineral spirits on a cloth, but mop up the mineral spirits as quickly as possible as this will cause discolouration if left on too long. 

Cracking or Peeling

When correctly installed the vinyl flooring should not crack or peel, even if it is several years old.

Alternative to floating timber Floors Sydney

Vinyl floor tiles and carpet provided a reasonable amount of soundproofing, resident downstairs do not hear people walking on the floor upstairs.


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