Vinyl Plank and Loose Lay

It is true! This relatively new tile: Loose Lay vinyl tile– or sometimes it is typed as Looselay – tiles don’t utilize glue or staples or any kind of ClickLock system (a kind of system used in installing tiles). Instead, the backing of each Loose lay Tile is made of materials that utilizes friction to strongly grip and hold the subfloor beneath; moreover, Loose lay vinyl tiles are totally dimensionally stable.

This means that these tiles will NOT expand or shrink due to moisture levels, so when they are installed there will be zero expansion gaps between the tiles and the wall, hence – as described by HANA TIMBER – “Upon getting your floor in place, it stays still”; and finally, Loose lay vinyl is also extra thick and has the right weight (they are heavy enough to stay still) which ultimately adds to its propensity to stay put after installation.

As with all types of flooring, there are specific guidelines for installing these products. You will need to follow the steps carefully from the manufacturer with regards correctly preparing the subfloor. In this way, it is leveled properly and will provide the right kind of friction, and for more tip about installing loose lay tiles, they are best suited to be layed on smaller spaces. Your bedroom is a good example.