Timber Floor Sydney

Walls and Timber Floors

Timber Floor Sydney

One of the many advantages of timber floors is how well they match different decors. Natural, neutral looking wood works well as a background for many styles and colours. And wooded floors can be stained dark or lime washed light to complement specific decors.

Neutral wood

If the floor is a neutral colour, not stained dark or washed light, then is will have little impact on the appearance of the room decor. The furnishings and curtains will be the main factor to consider when choosing the wall colours.

If you feel that the timber floor is impacting the appearance of the room than add a rug or two in order to match the decor.

Dark or light Timber floors.

If the room has dark timber on the floor then it may work well with a contrasting wall colour. So try a light colour paint.

If the room has light floors you can go one of two ways. Dark walls can work to provide contrast. Or light walls can give a very open space look to the area. Perhaps add some dark trim if both the walls and floors are light.

Specific Timber Colours

If the floor has a distinctive colour then you might choose a complementary colour rather than a contrast.

Some suggestions:

– Orange wood with blue walls.
– Yellow wood with pale blue for a sunny look.
– Yellow wood also works well with moderate green or violet.
– Brown wood with Blue/Green walls.
– Red wood with pale green or creme decor.

Timber Floor Sydney

Timber Floors are attractive and long lasting. And they are versatile enough to suit most decors. If you have an older timber floor then have it completely restored with re-sanding and polishing.

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