Timber Floor Sydney

What can Timber Floors Do for My Home?

Timber Floor Sydney

For many Generations thee were timber floors in almost all homes. It was the almost the only choice. Even when carpeted homes became poplar there was usually timber underneath.

In modern times we have many more flooring options, from vinyl to bamboo. But so many people stick with timber floors because they like their appearance, and believe they are he best option. Even other flooring options, like vinyl and bamboo, often imitate the appearance of wood-grain, and try to match the durability of quality wooden floors.

So why is timber popular?

– Timber grain looks great. It is a mixture of randomness and loose patterns. So it looks neither sterile or completely random.
– Timber can be finished and stained in many colours, so it can match so many decors. It can be stained deep brown, left its natural shade, or be given an almost white chalky lime wash.
– Timber is extremely long lasting. There are timber floors over a century old that are still in fine condition.
– Timber is quite durable. While the surface might be scratched the main body of the timber remains unaffected by most problems. Moisture, which ruins all floors, is about the only thing that will ruin a timber floor.
– Timber can be refinished by re-sanding. This is an advantage that almost no other material has. If the timber surface is re-sanded it will look like new. And the re-sanding only removes a tiny fraction (less than half a millimetre) of the wood.

Many people are so fond of timber floors that they design the rest of the decor to suit the timber.

Timber Floor Sydney

Timber floors remaining popular because they look great and last for decades. They can also be re-sanded to look like new. Consider timber for your home.

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