Timber Floor Sydney prefinished solid timber

What Decor Goes With Timber Floors?

Timber Floor Sydney

Timber floors are popular for many reasons, including their ability to last for decades. One advantage is that they both suit so many different styles of decor, and can be stained to different colours, to suit even more decors. Really, timber is long lasting and so versitile.


Almost all interior decor works with some form of contrast. This often means a contrast between dark and light. Dark wooden floors look elegant and sophisticated, and contast well wiht lighter walls. White walls are fine, but creme or even the colour of light wood (think the colur of pine) work even better. Continue this pattern with light leather furniture and pale curtains. Some dark woodwork (curtain rails) that matches the floor is another good idea.

Light colour wood floors feel very modern, and are very versitile when it comes to decorating. They can match light wall colours if there are some dark elements in the room, furniture and curtains. Or they can be contrasted with semi-dark walls, like deep orange or dark grey. Try light blue walls with pine coloured timber floors for an open feeling room.

If the timber floor is dark you can lighten it with lime washing, which gives a pleasant white chalky texture finsh. This is a modern look that suits sparse furniture and open spaces.

Use rugs on the timber floor to add colour or contrast. These are also warm underfoot during winter.

Timber Floor Sydney

Timber floors are extemely long lasting and offer many decorative options. Have a timber floor to be proud of.

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