Laminate and Timber Floor Sydney

What is Laminate Flooring?

Alternative to Timber Floor Sydney

Timber is popular for many reasons, including its wood-grain appearance and durability. Alternatives to timber often copy this wood-grain appearance, or provide something similar like the look of stone. This appearance remains popular.
People like wood-grain or stone because it is the right mixture of randomness and order. A pattern that is too regular can look sterile. A completely random surface looks messy and chaotic. But a wood-grain or stone surface has a semi-regular pattern which people find appealing.

Laminate is an alternative flooring material. It is a synthetic product, consisting of several layers of different materials. The top layer is a photo-realistic image or wood-grain or stone. And this becomes the floor surface. A clear protective coating protects this top image.
The lower layers of laminate are built for strength and stability. This makes it a long lasting and reliable flooring material,at least under reasonable conditions, all with the attractive appearance of timber.
Laminate is an inexpensive and easy to install alternative to other flooring materials. It is a good DIY option.

Floating Timber Floors Sydney

Floating floors are installed above a regular floor. They are not physically attached to the floor underneath, but staying place because or their weight, and because the components of the floor (the individual boards) lock together.
Floating floors provide acoustic and thermal isolation for a room. Sound inside the room is reduced because of the floating floor, and the room is easy to keep warm or cool because the heat does escape.
Laminate is ideal for floating floors. The sides of the laminate boards have tongue-and-groove edges which lock together. This makes an easy to assemble yet stable floor.

Laminate Flooring Sydney

Laminate is easy to sweep or vacuum clean. there are no special cleaners of equipment necessary. It is unlikely to stain. Laminate is also good for those with allergies. There are no chemical fumes and no place for dust to hide.

Laminate Timber Floor Sydney

Laminate or timber is a fine choice for most home floors. These hard floors are long lasting and easy to keep clean.


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