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What is Suitable for Kitchen Floors?

Kitchen Timber Floor Sydney

For many generations the kitchen floor in most homes were hard ceramic tile or vinyl tile. This was effective and appropriate – Kitchens needed a floor that would be waterproof enough to resist the occasional spill, and tiles proved very good at this. But lately there have been other options. Stone floors are waterproof, if they are properly sealed. Timber also works well, but again it must be properly sealed if it is to be sufficiently waterproof.

Timber floors look very modern in kitchens. It can be coated with polyurethane for moderately good water proofing. Under most conditions, as long as the dishwasher doesn’t overflow or the plumbing burst, timber is fine on kitchen floors. Any spills that are promptly cleaned up will not harm the floor.

Timber floors are easy to sweep clean. And if they are mopped about once a month there should be no other maintenance requirements.

Floating Timber Floors Sydney

Floating floors are easy to install over a concrete slab. They are a popular DIY project. Floating floors are not attached to the sub floor underneath – the individual planks lock together with tongue and groove edges, and stay in place under their own weight.

Floating floors are fine for a kitchen, and safe from moisture as long as nothing gets underneath the floor surface.

Vinyl Plank Flooring Sydney

Vinyl is an inexpensive floor option, and suitable for kitchens because it is waterproof. It is not as resilient as good timber, but it will last for years with only basic cleaning. When it does eventually wear out it is inexpensive to replace.

Modern vinyl plank flooring can look like natural timber, so the kitchen can look modern and chic, and still be relatively inexpensive.

Prefinished Solid Timber

While Prefinished Solid Timber is great for most rooms it is not suitable for damp areas like kitchens and bathrooms. It is too easily damaged by water, which causes warping. Timber that has a polyurethane coating over the entire surface is fine, being fairly waterproof. This coating helps fill the gaps between the individual planks. But Prefinished Solid Timber will have gaps between the individual planks that are prone to holding moisture.

Timber Floor Sydney

Timber floors are long-lasting and suitable for most room in the home. Enjoy the luxurious look of quality timber floors.

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