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What to Look for In Prefinished Solid Timber Floor?

What Is Important with Prefinished Solid Timber Floor?

We can look at different timber floors and find we like the look of one timber more than another. This is at least partly subjective. There are also objective differences between different timbers, and these differences affect both the appearance of the floor and the durability.

The appearance of the prefinished solid timber can be altered to some degree, often to a large degree, by staining. It is not difficult to stain most timbers a darker shade, and though they cannot be stained a lighter colour they can be lime washed to a light chalky finish.

So is is perhaps better to look at the qualities of a timber first, remembering that we can alter the appearance, at least darkening it, if we need to.

Grades of Timber

This looks at the grain pattern and the character of the individual piece of wood. It is not the species of tree is comes from; rather, it looks at the good quality cuts and the lesser quality cuts from the same species of tree.

Select Grade
– Minimal grain, no knots or imperfections. It is a sleek, simple looking plank of timber.

Standard Grade
– The grain is prevalent, yet often quite good looking. There are no serious imperfections.

Rustic Grade
– This has strong, perhaps uneven grain, many imperfections and knots. It has a very earthy feel, but a lot of character.

Hardness and Durability

The hardness is measured with the Janka Scale, which looks at the pressure needed to press a round ball bearing into the timber surface. A high Janka number, perhaps 10 , is very strong and will last for decades. A timber with a lower Janka , perhaps 5, will be prone to dents and scratches. A Janka of 10 is quite good for a floor. The very strongest timbers have a Janka of about 15.

Looking for Prefinished Solid Timber Floor in Sydney?

Look for style and durability when it comes to timber flooring. We have flooring that will look great and last for decades. Contact us now.

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